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There isn't a CD of the Valiant Dance Band yet but individual members of the band

have appeared on many CDs over the years. Here is a selection:

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OH-3CD Katie's Quartet
Katie Howson, Reg Reader, Rob Neal and John Howson. The original line up of Katie's Quartet which forms the bedrock of the Valiant Dance Band. Playing here some of the liveliest dance music around.

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HOP009 The Passing Moment

Liz Giddings & Roger Digby - A first CD from the dynamic fiddle and concertina duo who are now also playing with the Valiant Dance Band. This CD has accompaniment from Ken Lees, Sue Lees, Martin Appleby and Ted Stevens plus four songs from Bob Davenport.


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OH-1CD The Old Hat Concert Party
John Howson and Katie Howson leading a group of East Anglian musicians, singers and step dancers including: Reg Reader, Font Whatling, Ted Chaplin, Tony Harvey, Cyril Barber. Recorded 'live' in a Suffolk pub.

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OH-2CD The Old Hat Dance Band

Katie Howson, John Howson, Reg Reader, Chris Wood, Mel Dean, Barry Coope  and Ted Stevens. Lively dance music from England and beyond from a band who played at festivals all over the country and even performed on BBC Radio 1.


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OH-4CD Unbuttoned

Katie Howson & Jeannie Harris - A double helping of one-row four stop melodeons, and unaccompanied ballads from Jeannie.


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HEBECD002 Reformed Characters

Flowers and Frolics were led by Roger Digby and became one of the most influential bands leading the 1970s resurgence of interest in English country dance music. Great tunes played in their own inimitable style plus songs from Bob Davenport and Peta Webb.


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FRRR18 Bees on Horseback

The first album from Flowers and Frolics. This much-loved and highly influential band sprang from a mid-'70s musical melting pot: There were the sessions at the Union Bar, Islington; the influence of Australian melodeon-player & song-source Graeme Smith; and the memorable joint sessions with Old Swan Band's musicians at Sidmouth's Ship Inn in August 1975.

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FSCD70 Anglo International

Anglo concertina playing from around the world including: John Kirkpatrick, Noel Hill, Scan Tester, Fred Kilroy, Andy Turner, Bertram Levy,  Roger Digby, Nigel Chippendale, Harry Scurfield, Will Duke, Regardt de Bruin, Mary MacNamara, Kate McNamara,  Zulu Squashbox, Zak van der Vyver, Felix Castro, Jody Kruskal.


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G&T001 Borrowed Shoes

PolkaWorks - An English traditional dance band that has festival audiences leaping about the dance floor at every ceilidh. Katie Howson, Jeannie Harris, Fi Fraser, Nina Hansell, Sue Harris and Gareth Kiddier have played in many of the most significant English ceilidh bands over the last forty years.


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MCRCD1102 Banquet of Boxes

An English melodeon compilation featuring  John Spiers, Dan & Matt Quinn, Saul Rose, Mark Bazeley (with Rob Murch), Ed Rennie, Simon Bannister (with Katie Bannister), Katie Howson, Andy Cutting, Simon Care (with Will Pound), Simon Ritchie and John Kirkpatrick.


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PRODAN2017 A Little Cup of Tea

A long awaited recording from a band who have always been more interested in performing live. Ed Caines, Rob Neal and Derek Simpson making the kind of music that, if you were lucky enough, you might have heard in the remoter Suffolk pubs of the last century. A mixture of folk song pathos, music hall hilarity and toe-tapping dance tunes.

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